Thursday, April 11, 2013

Last Day ... but not really.

Some of my favorite moments from the Health Kwest

It's almost over! These past 2 months have been the most exhausting, hard, fun and rewarding days of my life!
I have accomplished more than I had ever hoped for.
Even though I know I haven't lost enough weight to win the entire competition, I have still won. I have won my health back, I have won a new found confidence.
I have won the ability to go into a clothing store and pick out what I like, rather than searching for something that fits.

Sure, it's been hard. I thought the hard part was going to be finding time to exercise every day. Turns out that was one of the easier challenges! Learning about nutrition was a whole other aspect of the quest. I thought I knew a lot about healthy eating, turns out I was a lot more clueless than I thought.
The media challenges were possibly the hardest, as I'm not the most outgoing person in the world. But I've become fearless. Once you've shaken your booty in the parking lot outside of Genghis Grill and put it on Youtube, there's really nothing that can embarrass you any more in life. Once you've approached strangers at Starbucks to tell them about your journey, there's no reason to be weary of talking to strangers any more. And once you've posted pictures of yourself in the middle of a workout to Facebook, there's no more need for worries about being ugly.

I still have more to lose before I reach my goal, and that's OK. I hit some plateaus and frustrating times where I just didn't seem to be losing weight. I cried after some bad workouts. But I never considered quitting.

Results? I'm down from a size 16/18 in pants to a size 12. I can hardly recognize myself in my before picture. It's only been 60 days, but that sad, pale face with no features seems like a distant past.

Left: My application picture from February 2013.Right - at Genghis April 5th. I got my facial features back!

It didn't take long before I learned to love exercise. I run because it feels good now, not because I have to. My goal was to finish a 5K race during the quest. I finished 3! I've been dabbling with the thought of doubling and doing 5Ks, and in a year or 2 maybe I'll be ready for a half marathon?
I never EVER thought I'd be considering running a distance like that! Exercise for me used to be walking to the mailbox every few days.

Race for the cure April 6th.

I'm so grateful to Genghis Grill for the opportunity to change my life. It's been an amazing journey. The support from the team at my store has been amazing. The challenges and the accountability has been so motivating. I'm sad that it's all over already.
But, even though the 2013 Health Kwest is almost officially over, my quest continues. Without Genghis Grill it may never have started.

Left: February 12th. Right: April 10th.


  1. Hi Katherine.. I think Ive been a silent follower... I tried to be a genghis grill this year.

    I have lost only 14 pounds.. 71 more to loose!!!

    IM hooked now in the workout thing, do you want a workout buddy?

    1. Congrats on the 14 pounds - that is awesome! I'm hooked on exercise too - it hurts so good!
      I'm by no means an expert on correct exercise, I've done some research, but most of the time it's just all about getting out there and moving for me!

      Do you live in my area?

  2. can you share some of your genghis combinations?

    1. I posted some of my GG creations here: